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Get ready for the future of payments.
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No fees to on-ramp, off-ramp and spend.
If you send us 100$ you get 100$ in your non-custodial wallet. It’s that simple.
Sent $45 to Dan
Bought 100 USDb
Paid $100
$7.99 at Starbucks
1% Cashback
Your keys. Your crypto.
Your IBAN for deposits.
Automate your Dollar Cost Average into your favorite tokens, with dedicated virtual account details and configuration.
LT 45 ••• ••••••••••5049
Your EUR will land in your wallet as
Send money via WhatsApp.
Receive it on your bank account.
You can send your on-chain funds to anyone with a phone number or email with a tap of a button. They can chose where they receive it, either a web3 wallet or a bank account.

Spend your crypto, however you want.
Anywhere. Everywhere.

Our cards work with more than 100 Million merchants worldwide. Get early access
Your money is always on-chain, and always accessible

Do we need to say more?

That’s all right, we got you.
Connect any EVM wallet
No need to switch to a new wallet, just connect your existing one to Bleap and you’re ready to transact
Fully configurable Debit Card
Set spending limits, choose the NFT art, add to Apple/Google, and get a card branded with your wallet or DAO
Go local with your currencies
We enable fee-less spending on all local currencies in Europe, like EUR, GBP, PLN, RON, CHF,DKK, NOK, and more
Blaze through KYC confidently
Bank-grade compliance flows, that are 2.5x faster and ensure that 95% of customers go through on the first-try
More features coming soon
Get notified of the upcoming features we're building