Free RAMPS and
debit cards for your users

Get ready for the future of payments.
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No fees for your customers.
More revenue for you.
Our 0% fees allow you to grow hyper fast, or surcharge for higher revenue, while staying competitive
On-ramp and off-ramp on your terms, with our API
Fully customise your customer’s purchase and withdrawal flows with developer-friendly APIs
Give your customers the power to spend. For free.
A free branded debit card with no spending or exchange fees that your customers can connect directly to their wallet balance, never leaving your app.

22 assets, 15 chains
Banking, cards and Apple/Google Pay
All available in 52 countries

All the major assets and major payment methods, in Europe, LATAM and more. See more details
Customer’s money is always on-chain, and always accessible

Do we need to say more?

That’s all right, we got you.
Customers never leave your wallet
No need to create new wallets, just connect existing wallets to Bleap and they’re ready to transact
Configurable pricing plans
If you provide premium plans to your customers, you can integrate Bleap with different fee tiers
Go local with your currencies
We enable fee-less spending on all local currencies in Europe, like EUR, GBP, PLN, RON, CHF,DKK, NOK, and more
KYC that’s just right
Bank-grade compliance flows, that are 2.5x faster and ensure that 95% of customers go through on the first-try
More features coming soon
Get notified of the upcoming features we're building